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About us

Instruments4Change provides guidance and technical assistance to support environmental and climate stewardship. We work with governments, institutions of all sizes, community groups, and individuals to strengthen their capacity and to advance equitable engagement on these critical issues for our shared planet and future.   

I4C functions through a network of experts that are available to support needs assessments, project design and preparation, stakeholder consultations, in-person or virtual capacity building workshops, and a variety of other complementary services.  

Founder & Coordinator


Ana María Kleymeyer

Ana Maria Kleymeyer started Instruments for Change while living in Geneva in 2012. Creating a consulting business was a leap from the nest of an institutional home into the dynamic, constantly evolving skies of independently driven work. I4C allowed her to continue working on international climate change negotiations and capacity building globally, while supporting artistic projects, mentoring youth, and engaging on local environmental issues.  


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Instagram: @instruments4change

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(c) Photographs by A.M. Kleymeyer. Contact for usage. 

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