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Artistic expression has no mailing address, no zip code or GPS location. Creativity has no installation protocol. It is a bird that builds a nest to sleep, from which it leaps into the skies and where it feeds its babes. It is a swift ship with great sails that anchors at harbors, trades its goods, sets off to the horizon to explore the farthest reaches of its imagination. It is the band of gypsies, wild and wandering.

We are its feathers. Its sailors. Its wagon wheels. Works of art are traditionally housed in museums, performed on stages, displayed on pedestals in lobbies, and sold in galleries. Public art is typically aesthetic in nature and almost always picked by someone with a title to please the eye. Thank goodness for these places and patrons of art. Without them, many works would have perished and millions of people would never have experienced their beauty. Traditional spaces are invaluable, and yet they do not reach as far or wide as advertising, TV media, or the internet into the deeper reaches of the public mind. Often this is due to the fact they are bound by walls that cost money or by designated access times. ARTinerant proposes taking art beyond its traditional settings so that more people may enjoy it and that the dialogue around artistic themes that are critical for social evolution. Untethered Unbound Unenclosed. - "ARTinerant", A.M.Kleymeyer

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