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If I were a note...

If I were a note, I could sound true, clear, steady, strong even. And yet my tone would say nothing, mean nothing, be nothing without the clustered, collective, creative ecosystem of us all. We would be a song that mends bruised hearts, launches laughter like rockets from within a thousand smiles, and calls upon the soles of feet to beat sparks into the earth. If I were a branch I would reach high to heaven holding my handful of leaves to the sun, the rain, the gods. But I would never be enough until one hundred crooked arms rose beside me drawing life down the rough, brown skin wrapped around our body, standing feet buried in the ground holding the deep reflection of our roots a long, long, long memory from where sleeping cicadas will rise and sing to remind us all – the fungi, the lichen, the raven, the thousand spirals of life all caught up in the rhythmic act of living together – we are one. I am the note, in the mouth of the bird on the branch and still I am nothing nothing without your voices. ~*~ This year, seek out the harmonies, resolve the discords, compose. Play, together, note beside note, the sound of a beautiful, livable world. The world we want to hear of, sing of, know of always. Peace to all in 2022 and beyond. ~ Ana María

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